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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Join us on Facebook

We have just created a Facebook group for the show. We were thinking of doing a Frappr map and a MySpace group, but Facebook just seems simpler and, well, better! So if you listen to the show, please consider joining the group, it would be great to know who some of you are!

To go directly to the group, click here. (I don't know how this will work if you are not a member or if you are not signed in!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Show 3: Timeslip (The Wrong End of Time)

In the new episode, released today, we examine the first story of the Timeslip series, broadcast in 1970. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the DVD, click here. The DVD set contains all 26 episodes and all four serials. We will cover future stories on future shows.

If you would like to know a little more about Timeslip, click here and read all about it!

That's is for this month, the September shows will be coming out on the 12th and 26th of September. Exactly which shows they are is in the process of being finalised, and as soon as we can confirm the topics we will announce it here. As usual, if you have any comments on what you have heard, contact using the contact details to the right.

If you need to download episode three direct, please click here.

See you all next month,

Monday, August 27, 2007

We have been Busy!

Hi everyone,

Show three comes out on Wednesday, and but we would like to reassure you that, although there was a large break between shows one and two, we have been incredibly busy. We will regularly deliver two shows per month, and we even have tentative plans to go weekly in May and June so that people can take us away on holiday with them!

This weekend we recorded shows eight and nine (that's how far ahead we are). So, topics that will be coming up very soon include:

Doctor Who: The Tribe of Gum (Series 1, Story 1)
Doctor Who: The Daleks (Series 1, Story 2)
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (18th Movie)
The Stone Tape (One off drama)
The Tomorrow People: The Slaves of Jedikiah (Series 1, Story 1)

Not in that order though!

We have started building our list of stuff that we want to cover, and frankly it is getting silly now! There is a lot of amazing radio to look at (Hitch Hikers, Nebulous, Lord of the Rings), more Doctor Who, more films... at the moment the current idea is that Doctor Who (in various forms, be it TV, Radio or Big Finish) will be about half of our output, but if you think it should be more (or less!) then do let us know!

Anyhow, show three (Timeslip: The Wrong End of Time) is out on Wednesday, and show four will hit your podcatcher on 12th September.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Show 2: "The Wishing Beast" Set Report

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience, sorry it's taken so long to get this show out to you. In May, we were invited to Moat Studios in London to watch the recording of the Doctor Who audio play The Wishing Beast (click on the link to take you to the relevant page on the Big Finish website, you can buy the play from here too).

In this show, we talk to some of the cast (Jean Marsh and Bonnie Langford) and crew (John Ainsworth. We also talked to Nick Briggs, that will be in a later show). Thanks especially to John and Nick of Big Finish, it was a fascinating day and this show is the result.

If you are not subscribed to our podcast feed you can download the episode direct by clicking here.

Now we are back on track in terms of production, you can look forward to our review of the first Timeslip serial, The Wrong End of Time. For more information on the show click here, and to find out where you can buy it click here. This show will be available on Wednesday, 29th August.

See you later in the month,