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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Show 18: Doctor Who (The Sensorites)

Show 18 is here, and the topic is the seventh story in the original run of Doctor Who entitled The Sensorites. As usual, you can click here to leave a comment on the relevant topic on our Facebook group.

The Sensorites is not widely regarded as one of the very best of the original run, and the three of us approached it with trepidation, but actually we were pleasantly surprised.

To download to the episode directly, please click here.

The Sensorites is not available to buy yet on DVD, but the 2002 VHS release can be found on various sites such as Amazon Marketplace or eBay.

Because we have moved to a fortnightly show (instead of 2 per month) there are three episodes this month - the remaining shows are:

16th April: Neverwhere
30th April: Doctor Who (The Reign of Terror)
See you in a fortnight!

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