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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Show 7: The Stone Tape

Show 7 has been released today. In this, we cover Nigel Kneale's (of Quatermass fame) The Stone Tape, a play first broadcast in 1972 on Christmas Day on BBC2. We have a sneaking suspicion that the DVD has been deleted, but we are sure that if you look hard enough online you will be able to find it somewhere for a reasonable price.

If you wish to download Show 7 direct, click here.

Next month, we once again have two shows for you: we look at the second Doctor Who story The Daleks which introduced the most famous adversary to the series. We also look at the very first story of The Tomorrow People which is called The Slaves of Jedikiah. These will be released on the 14th and 28th of next month. Also just a reminder that the show has a Facebook Group, which can be accessed by clicking here. Please do join as it is a very easy way to leave us feedback, and we get to know who and where our listeners are.

See you all next month.


Lowell said...

Hi! I am having problems trying to download your podcast.

Andrew said...

Hi Lowell,
Sorry that was my mistake I typed the link in incorrectly, it works now. Thanks for letting us know!

Mekka said...

I bought this after seeing it mentioned on the Top 100 scariest moments. Just in time for you te review it. I thought it was a classic British horror "play" and enjoyed it. I thought thye played up the "all boys together machismo" of the guys working together from the opening scene.
I was wondering if in any way the "entity" was suposed to be mirrored by Brock. Brock was written and played as a complete male chauvinist. Treating women like dirt, playing about behind his wife's back. Sending them to make coffee, The porn channel, etc.
The entity only seems to attack women, the maid, the woman mentioned in the pub and Jill. It may unnerve the male characters but never attacks them.