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Thursday, November 08, 2007

November Update...

Just to let you all know the details of what you can expect from Cadmium2 in November:

14th: Doctor Who (The Daleks)
28th: The Tomorrow People (The Slaves of Jedikiah).

We have the December shows already recorded as well, (more on those later) and then in November we are all taking a week off work to record the first batch of shows for 2008. We will be covering our first radio series, another Bond, more Doctor Who (of course) and an awful lot more.

We keep meaning to do radio and never seem to get around to it, but the poll we put up on the site a while back suggests that cult radio is as much on your agenda as cult TV, with films and books way down the list!

We also have plans to do extra episodes in the Summer so that you can take us with you on holiday! We are very pleased and encouraged by the number of downloads we are getting and by the feedback we are getting which suggests that we are getting something right. We had actually recorded the first nine shows pretty much before we started releasing the podcast so that is why we have not really featured a lot of your comments within the body of the show, that will change from show ten!

Please continued to give us feedback on the show, and thanks you all for your support so far!

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