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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Show 9: The Tomorrow People (The Slaves of Jedikiah)

Show 9 is here, and this time we have a look at the very first story from the very first series of ITV's The Tomorrow People. This story was originally broadcast from April to June 1973.

As you will hear, we had a few things to say about this serial - it is a great series but sadly the opening episode is not representative of what the show became.

Joining the regular team of Paul, Mike and Andrew is Wendy from Sending a Wave (our sister Firefly/Serenity podcast) as well as Kevin (who is about to launch a splendid pub based podcast called The Great Barred.

The DVD of the serial can be purchased via the price comparison site on the end of this link (in fact it is cheaper to purchase it as part of the series one boxed set or if you really like it, you can get the whole lot for a very reasonable price by visiting Big Finish by clicking here (at the time we wrote this it was a fantastic £35!)

You can download this episode of Cadmium2 direct by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy the show - next up is BBC TV's Christmas serial The Box of Delights which is out in a fortnight on the 12th of December. Also, we really look forward to your thoughts on the shows we cover - either email us (see to the right) or leave a comment on the discussion board at our Facebook Group.

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