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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Schedule Change

We had a recording session this weekend and recorded a handful of shows. Paul realised last week that Monday was the twentieth anniversary of Red Dwarf, and we also decided that we couldn't let that moment pass. We have been meaning to do a Red Dwarf show since day one (our title comes from that after all) so, in a change to our advertised program (I have always wanted to say that) the show that comes out this week will not be the advertised Doctor Who (The Aztecs) episode, but will be our Red Dwarf 1 show. The Aztecs will be on in a fortnight, and the Neverwhere show, originally advertised for the 19th of this month will now be on on the 16th of April. Sorry if you were really looking forward to Neverwhere - that is a cracking show, but it's only pur back by a few weeks!


Chris JC said...

I spotted Four Yorkshiremen - so I don't feel ashamed of myself.

You should be though - because although it was performed live during Monty Python shows, it actually originated on At Last the 1948 Show.

Apart from that - good show!

Oh no! CREASE!

Paul said...

Our conversations are littered with stolen jokes. Mike made a REALLY oblique reference to a joke told by Rob Newman on the RADIO version of The Mary Whitehouse Experience in one podcast. Not only was the joke almost 18 years old, we ALL remembered it.

I think we need to go outside. I feel unusual...

Chris JC said...

Shocking. When you get into the Live on Arrival referencing I'll be right at the front laughing.

"that's my giant toaster with a blue light on top!"