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Monday, February 25, 2008

Smeggin' Hell!

Well, we're a week late - but on the 15th of February 1988, episode 1 of Red Dwarf, Series 1, aired on BBC2.

Hard to believe 20 years have gone by since the launch of what was to become a favourite amongst sci-fi fans and celebrities (Patrick Stewart is a big fan, don'tcha know...).

With the idea of a film seemingly dead and buried at last, and a ninth TV series turned down by the BBC last year (strange considering the popularity of sci-fi at the moment) it seems that its all over for the crew of the Dwarf. And they never got back to Earth...

The history of Red Dwarf is well documented on the DVDs and here at Cadmium2, we will be covering the show in our own unique style. Let's face it - we have to - it's where we got our name from! That won't be for a little while yet but it doesn't stop us celebrating their anniversary.

Pop along to the Facebook group and join in the discussion of the best and worst of Red Dwarf...

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