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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Show 14: Doctor Who (The Keys of Marinus)

In this show, we look at the fifth story of the first series of Doctor Who, titled The Keys of Marinus. This is the second story to be written by Dalek creator Terry Nation, and the first of only two shows that he wrote for the show that do not contain the Daleks. It is also much more difficult to get hold of, since it has not been released on DVD yet and is not available on audio CD. Yup, for this show we went back in time and watched a VHS tape, folks!

We have checked, and the story is available from both amazon.co.uk and amazon.com as a second hand item from their marketplaces, but you will pay quite a lot of money for them. As we get into the rare episodes you will find them harder and harder to get hold of, but if they still exist in the BBC archives they will eventually get a DVD release. There are people who like to watch the episodes before we review them, and for those people we have this peice of advice: wait for the DVD release, you will get a much better product than you will on a second hand VHS tape.

And, as you will hear, this is an interesting story - the first of several "quest" type stories for the first Doctor, and this particular story shows many similarities to The Key to Time series from many years later!
As usual, we would love to hear what you think of this show, and as ususal there is a discussion thread set up on our Facebook page.

The episode is already on the podcast feed, and can also be downloaded manually by clicking here.

Next up (on the 20th of this month) is our discussion on the second Timeslip story, The Time of the Ice Box. See you then!

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