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Friday, February 08, 2008


In the preamble in show 14, we discuss the merits of some of the shows on BBC7, which is a digital radio station here in the UK. One of the members of our Facebook Group has confirmed for us that you can indeed listen to the station live over the internet and use the listen again function overseas.

So if you like audio drama (science fiction or not) as well as comedy then have a look at the BBC7 homepage. Their Seventh Dimension slot may particularly be of interest to the people who listen to this show, if you click the link it will tell you what is coming up for the next week. The slot is one hour per day, with series running Monday to Friday, and then the Saturday and Sunday slots tend to run independently (it is the weekend slot that usually plays the Big Finish 8th Doctor during their first run).

The serials run from one episode to twenty, some of them are repeats from Radio Four, whilst others are made especially for BBC7. There is some awesome stuff on here (hence this blurb) and I really encourage fans of audio to have a look at it. And if anything amazing comes up I will try and post it on here, but the best way to ensure you miss nothing is to favourite the page from the link above.

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