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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nick Briggs Interview - Show 4

Hello, it's September and we can now announce what our two shows will be this month.

The first, show 4, which is out on the 12th of this month, is an interview with Nick Briggs, who is the producer of the Doctor Who range of the Big Finish audios. He also provides a lot of the alien voices for the current series of Doctor Who, most notably the Daleks and the Cybermen. It's a cracking interview, and we have been invited back for another recording so we may get to speak to him again!

Show 5, which is out on the 26th is our discussion on the 18th James Bond Film, Tomorrow Never Dies, starring Pierce Brosnan. Joining us on that one is Wendy Scott, who is a presenter on Sending a Wave, the Firefly/Serenity podcast, and a massive Bond/Brosnan fan.

So that is what we are doing in September, if you have any feedback for us our email address is on the panel to the right!

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