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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Show 5: James Bond (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Show 5 has been released today. With Wendy from Sending a Wave as a guest reviewer, we get stuck in after watching the 18th Bond movie. This is the first movie we have covered on Cadmium 2, please let us know what you think.

You can download show 5 directly by clicking here.

That's it for this month, next month we look at the last three episodes of the opening Doctor Who adventure (by some known as The Tribe of Gum) as well as The Stone Tape - a 1970s play by Nigel Kneale! We will update you with release dates closer to the time.


Gary Noden said...

Hi guys

Just listened to the show.

Wonderful. Whoever Wendy is, she can keep coming back. Podcasts with a balanced viewpoint (read: blatant rowing) always makes for more fun!

Completely agree with you on the David Arnold OST perspective. He is the best by far since "The Barry". and I also agree with Stargate as his best OST, even though Independence Day was pretty epic too. Brash stuff, just right for that movie.

Anyway, keep it going. Looking forward to Ep. 6 already.

Paul said...

Hi Gary, Wendy will be pleased to hear she made an impression!

She's a semi-regular contributor to the show and will definitely be back for future podcasts. She and I are lifelong Bond fans and, as you may have noticed, have rather strong and vocal opinions on it - much to Mike and Andrew's dismay (cos they can barely get a word in).

Glad you're enjoying the show. Are you a new listener or have you heard previous shows?


Gary Noden said...

Hi there.

Well, I have been listening to A Slice Of SciFi for quite some time and I heard your ad on one of their shows. Seeing as you are a bunch of Brits talking about British sci-fi I was overjoyed, so I made a quick note about Cadmium 2 in one of my notebooks (I tend to listen to podcasts on my squitty little 512mb mp3 player on the train to and from work) and downloaded ep1 the following day.

Anyway, you all seemed to be having such a good laugh as well as talking about the sort of stuff I liked, that I have now listened to them all and not only that, thanks to having an enquiring mind, I found out about Sending a wave and I'm listening to that too.

Firely, aahhhh. great stuff. Not Babylon 5 (don't get me started on that) but still good stuff.)

So, new listener, but heard them all.

How often do you get round to doing a show?

Andrew said...

Hi Gary,

We put out 2 shows a month, and we record them whenever we can get together, as we all live apart from each other. We tend to have weekends where we get a load done. So, although it is only October, all the shows for this year are recorded and we are also going to record a load to have on standby (for example, if we had had a Bond film with Lois Maxwell already in the can we might have changed the schedule as a tribute. But we haven't so we didn't!) From show 10 we will be recording just the intro to the show just before it goes out, so we can include uptodate feedback and news.

Pleased you like it, if it's as much fun to listen to as it is to do (which is what people are telling us) we will be around for a while!

Gary Noden said...

I'm sure you will, too.

Vanamonde said...

Episodes 5 and 6 are showing up in the RSS feed, but when I try and download via the RSS feed I get files that are 2k in size.

I can download episode 5 ok from the link on the webpage.

Andrew said...


I have just downloaded both okay, via the RSS feed. Episode 6 only came out today, I am going to put the post up now with the link!

Thanks for your comment!

Vanamonde said...

Managed to grab episode 6 this morning, thx.

Wendy Shaffer said...

Hi all. Finally got around to listening to this episode yesterday - I have to tell you it made the drudgery of paying the bills and attempting to tidy my desk a lot more pleasant!

I'm only a casual Bond watcher, and my memories of Tomorrow Never Dies are a bit hazy, but I enjoyed the discussion. I'll be looking forward to your next Bond podcast.

Paul said...

Thanks Wendy. Glad you liked it. That one got a little heated in places :)

The four of us have known each other for almost 20 years (longer in some instances) so you can imagine how some of these debates have grown over the years!