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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Show 10: The Box of Delights

As it is Christmas, (well almost anyway) we have chosen a Christmassy themed topic for the first December show - the BBC's 1984 adaptation of John Masefields book The Box of Delights. There has been a discussion thread set up on our Facebook group, so please feel free to leave us some feedback on our thoughts or some of your own!

To download the episode manually, click here.

If you don't yet own your own copy of The Box of Delights click here for some links that will enable you to buy it!

In two weeks time (yes, that's Boxing Day folks!) we will be back with a show about the Doctor Who story The Edge of Destruction.
Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, we really do appreciated it and look forward to more throughout next year (we're really on the ball, we already have five months worth in the can!)
Have a great Christmas!

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