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Monday, December 17, 2007

Your feedback...

We recently put a poll on the main page about the content of the show. As regular listeners will know we put out two shows every month, one based on Doctor Who, one based on something else, and we wanted to know if you thought we had got the balance right, hence the poll. 68% of you told us we were getting the balance about right, with 12% saying that we put too much emphasis on Who, and the other 20% wanting more Who content! We are pleased with this because it suggests that we got the balance about right.

The next show (which is Doctor Who based) will be out on Boxing Day, and from that point the show will come out every other week on a Wednesday. (At the moment we do two per month, so going every other week means that you will get 26 shows per year out of us instead of 24!) We are also planning to go weekly for two months this year - May and June - so there will be plenty of content available for those of you who are going on holiday and have long journeys there and back.

Please continue to give us feedback, either via this blog or our Facebook Group, we hope to use it in future shows.

See you Boxing Day!

1 comment:

Ivor Rant-Tomake said...

Oh, great show! And so on the celebratory ball, seeing as it is almost Xmas and all!

Still love the shows, keep it up!