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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Show 11: Doctor Who (The Edge of Destruction)

Welcome to our final show of the year, and so we can keep our suitable festive theme started in our last show when we covered The Box of Delights we now serve you the true turkey that is The Edge of Destruction.

This is the third show in the first run of Doctor Who, and was first broadcast in 1964. It is the ultimate example of what American TV would call a "bottle" show - in that it contains no guest cast and no new sets. It also, as you will know if you have seen it, contains almost no acting and very little script!

This story is not available by itself, but forms the final disc in the "The Beginning" boxed set that contains the whole first three classic Who stories. And a good thing to, becuase really you wouldn't choose to buy this thing by itself!

But you might not agree with us, so if not please do not hesitate to get in touch about it! Contact info is on the panel to the right, and tell us what you thought of this story. You cab also leave comments here if you are a member of our Facebook Group.

You can download the show manually by clicking here.
That's it for 2008, we will see you in a fortnight with our first show on a Doctor Who story that is only available on audio, Marco Polo. That will be released on or around the 9th of January.

From all of us here at Cadmium2 and Futility Radio, have a cracking new year!

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